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"Law enforcement grade protection" for you and you loved ones. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

The Privacy, Protection and Recovery Package

To safeguard your home, privacy, credit, and identity, we use a two-step process. The €œRedaction/Privacy€ process removes your personal information off the internet, keeps you informed of current fraud trends (scams), and uses the most effective methods of prevention. This is in addition to a one year "Recovery" policy, just in case you were to fall victim to identity theft.

Protection and Recovery

Information is the key to prevention. SafeDataTrust will provide you with the tools to create real protection and privacy with educational materials, personalized letters and forms that demand over twenty data vendor companies to "Opt-Out" of internet data bases. This will protect your privacy and to lessen your risk of identity theft by first taking your information out of the public€™s eye, the internet.

Don't be misled by deceptive marketing tactics, partial solutions and fine print exceptions. Your privacy as well as your identity is at stake. SafeDataTrust offers the most comprehensive prevention and identity protection service available. Services like credit monitoring only detect a fraction of the identity theft cases and do little to address prevention. While identity theft is not 100% preventable, there are proven methods to remove your personal information from the places that identity thieves look. Additionally, for those thefts that still occur, SafeDataTrust provides unmatched identity restoration services. We provide our unique "Rush ID Recovery System" that will do most of the hard work on your behalf.

Then we follow that up with fully automated professional restoration services that can identify and repair any problems that may arise. The recovery process is as quick and painless as possible, and restores your good name and credit back to pre-theft status.

Protect Your Privacy and Your Identity.

Don'€™t make it easy for those would hurt you and your family?

Redaction & Education €” Have you ever Googled or checked White Pages for your name or phone number? You may have seen all of your personal information available on the internet, including a map to your home. Our redaction process will remove the connection between your name and a map to your house from internet websites that share, sell and release your personal information. There are over twenty data bases that share, rent or release your personal information on the internet? Most of these data bases offer the ability to Opt-Out,€ but require a written request. To be proactive in protecting your identity you must remove personal information from the place where it i€™s easiest to obtain.... the internet.

Our service provides several comprehensive do it yourself guides that assist you in removing your sensitive personal information from the internet and other places identity thieves are lurking. This is part of your basic service with SafeDataTrust.

Emergency Preparation Kit, Child Safety Card & Crisis Preparation Kit €” SafeDataTrust provides all customers with free Crisis Preparation Kits . The kit includes forms where you can store all your Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) as it pertains to your identifying documents. We recommend that the completed forms are sealed and stored in a safety deposit box or with your attorney or CPA. Properly using the CPK allows you to quickly obtain your NPPI in the event it is needed. This form may also be used to help restore your identity in the event of a natural disaster, fire, flood, break in, lost or stolen purse or wallet.

100% Identity Restoration - We do the hard work for you!

When your identity has been compromised, every minute counts.

Many victims have spent hundreds of hours attempting to recover and restore their stolen identity. In contrast, our service includes identity recovery services at no extra cost in your Redaction Package. Our guarantee of full-service recovery protection means we will assist you until you are no longer held responsible for any damage caused by the identity theft.

Our proprietary automated identity recovery software is used to insure accuracy and to expedite the generation of your personalized €œRush Recovery Package. Imagine having all the required federal, state and local documents selected, sorted, completely filled out and printed in a systematic order with easy to follow instructions. If you become a victim of identity theft, you will quickly receive the €œRush Recovery Package" via mail. After you sign, notarize, and return it, a recovery specialist assigned to you will do the rest.

Follow up €” Once you are cleared, you will receive notification of clearance from the agencies involved. SafeDataTrust€™s Recovery Specialist will continue to be available to you throughout the year if needed.

Apprehension €” SafeDataTrust goes beyond just clearing the victim. During our investigation of the Identity Theft, the Recovery Specialist can gather all evidence used during the Identity Theft including but not limited to surveillance videos, documents, receipts, signatures and voice recordings. This information is gathered and turned over to the local investigating authorities as well as the FBI or Secret Service if applicable.

Individual results will vary depending on the state of residence and severity and types of Identity Theft.

Protecting Our Children and Their Identity

Pay attention to “clues” indicating your child’s identity has been stolen. In law enforcement, we’ve discovered some of the most common “clues” are over looked by parents.

1. If your child's name appears on your caller I.D. when a family member calls you, it's a red flag that something's wrong. Your family member may have used your child's name to open up a telephone account.
2. When you take your teenager to get a driver's license and the MVD agent asks, "What happened to the other one?" If someone has obtained a driver's license in your child's name notify the MVD supervisor and request a driver’s history report. Your child may have citations in courts that aren’t theirs. File a police report.
3. When your teenager opens up a bank account and you find that someone else has been bouncing checks with your child's name on them, you'll need to follow up and file a police report and run a credit check.
4. When you file your taxes, if they get returned because someone else has used your child's social security number follow it up with a credit check.
5. Watch for pre-approved offers of credit in your child’s name. According to the identity theft resource center, child identity theft isn't typically discovered for years until after your child applies for a credit card or a driver's license. If you think your child's identity has been stolen, check with the free credit reporting agencies and order a copy of their credit history. If there's fraudulent information on the credit report, or if accounts have been opened in your child's name, file a police report. Once the police report is filed contact the three credit reporting bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, and request they place a freeze on your child's credit history.

The credit reporting bureaus don’t record information on minors under the age of fourteen. The steps below are free and an excellent way to make sure your child’s credit and identity hasn’t been compromised. In the underground world of stolen social security numbers and birth certificates they often sell for as much as one thousand dollars each on the streets. Children’s social security numbers are becoming popular because it’s often years before someone checks the social security number for activity. This makes it easy for people to steal a child’s identity for several years without detection and maintain a working status within the United States.
1. Run a credit report on your child. You are legally entitled to one free credit check per year with each of the three major credit reporting agencies.
2. If your child's credit report shows unauthorized activity, send a letter to each credit bureau to notify them your child is a minor, listing the fraudulent entries. Request they place an initial fraud alert in your child's file to prevent an impostor from opening anymore accounts in your child's name.
3. Report the identity theft to the local police department. You will need a copy of a police report to show creditors and to request a long term fraud alert on your child's credit report.
4. Report the identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission. (Their link is on our resource page.)
5. Contact all the creditors listed on your child's credit report to let them know about the identity theft.

64% of data breaches are enabled by a combination of events. Hacking, malware,
SQL injection and other forms of attack may all come into play in a single data breach.