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We Help Prosecute

 SafeDataTrust offers a unique personal Identity protection and recovery service designed and used by
the law enforcement community.

>Found in conjunction with Law Enforcement Officials
>Nationwide network of recovery agents and off duty or retired law enforcement officials who stand ready to recover individual identities 24/7 365 days per year!
>No other company does 100% of the recovery work for the victim. Whether it be, financially related, Bureau of Motor Vehicle related, IRS issues, Social Security issues or medical fraud issues.
>No other company pursues, apprehends and prosecutes perpetrators of data theft.
>Unique Privacy and Redaction service to Police Officers, Executives, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, and Civil Servants.

We have earned the trust of thousands of families throughout the United States to protect their identities.


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Privacy Redaction

SafeDataTrust provides a unique Identity Redaction Service which is an essential step in protecting your identity and assuring your family’s privacy. Whether a public figure, professional athlete, corporate officer or ordinary citizen, you don’t have the luxury of taking this lightly. Identity thieves and organized crime are actively looking for your information on the internet and many other places.

Like thousands of police officers across the country that have become customers, everyone needs to protect their identity and their family from these increasing crimes. You can now benefit from a program designed to protect law enforcment officers from retaliation. It is the most effective program available today.

You are encouraged to complete the measures included in the Privacy (Redaction) Package. It is a comprehensive guide created by law enforcement that is a step by step, self paced solution.

The Privacy Package was designed with the same steps taught across the country to law enforcement organizations since 2001. This is NOT a credit monitoring system like many well known identity theft companies offer through the media. Unfortunately, with many of those programs, by the time you get a notification of a breach or theft, it’s already too late! .

In the news almost daily and on this website you will see very alarming statistics. Industry experts expect a ten year increase in identity theft. We want you and your family to avoid being a victim, If you have already been a victim of identity theft, we can assist you in removal of crucial items from areas that criminals are aware of. One of the biggest misunderstandings by consumers today is to believe that monitoring their credit will prevent identity theft. The fact is that you need to completely remove yourself from the places where the criminals are obtaining your personal information.

That is why well known credit monitoring programs are often ineffective.

Identity theft on the rise..... increasingly by organized crime rings that use specific channels to obtain your information. The processes used are many and very sophisticated. The steps you need to take are necessary and very effective. The SafeDataTrust Service is the ultimate in protection for you, your family, or your business.