While most Identity Theft Protection companies emphasize fraud alerts and credit monitoring, the key to the success of the MySafeData system is education and timely information. While monitoring is certainly important, our unique member/customer portal is constantly updated with current information about the very best ways to protect your identity and steps to take to insure your privacy. The key to maximum protection is utilizing the information we provide our members that was originally developed by law enforcement officials for their own families and friends. Additionally, the customer portal contains detailed guides and e-books on the most effective ways to protect your identity from constant new types of threats by hackers and online identity theft criminals. While no solution can be 100% effective all of the time, the MySafeData educational approach is constantly updated for maximum effectiveness. We coordinate with many educational, governmental, and regulatory organizations to provide the best possible solutions. As a member you will have access to information and step by step guides in the following areas

Comprehensive 50 Page Redaction Guide

Protecting Children from Identity Theft

Online Safeguards

Credit Bureaus and Banks

FTC Guide to Identity Theft Protection

Video Library

Recovery Guide

Police Reports

Creating an Identity Theft Report

Ongoing Updates and Advisory Service

The FTC states ID Theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA for the tenth consecutive year.

The Department of Justice sites it is the least prosecuted crime due to the lack of resources and education at the local police department level. So industry experts advise taking a proactive approach to protect yourself and your family. Be Sure and Complete Your Customer Profile and Access the Portal for Ongoing Updates and Valuable Information.