About Us

Our History
As a pioneer in the Identity Protection industry, SafeDataTrust has become known as an innovator and strong consumer
advocate. SafeDataTrust is a privately held corporation that is recognized as an industry leader in providing consulting and
third party administrative services to the identity theft protection industry. With a strong track record in developing privacy
and security software for the financial services industry, it was a natural progression to fill a dramatic need when we
developed identity protection and verification services in 2004.
Our proprietary privacy redaction process was created by "Detective Mike" , an undercover police officer (we protect his real
name) who developed a system to provide protection from criminals for law enforcement individuals and their families. The
one of a kind powerful system was modeled after the system used by over 30,000 police officers nationwide, as well as
judges, prosecutors, professional athletes and celebrities. Now it is available to individuals and as an integral part of many
employee benefit programs.

Although the original intent of creating the redaction process was to provide protection from violent crime, Detective Mike and the other members of the SafeDataTrust team realized that it also provided excellent protection from the crime of identity theft by removing public access to individuals' personal information. However, since identity theft is not 100% preventable, SafeDataTrust created a system that utilizes our certified recovery agents as well as off-duty or retired police officers to recover members' identities in the event of ID Theft.

Our proprietary curriculum was modeled after the very same system used to train thousands of police officers in police departments nationwide. With a reputation of providing the service that really works, SafeDataTrust offers a 100% guarantee for Identity Recovery and continues to enjoy raving reviews for our dedication to personal service. As an independent service provider for firms such as SDT, IDtection, U.S. Privacy, Entrust America, and national membership and employee groups, SafeDataTrust offers a strong consumer focused service.


A Message to Customers and Friends

SafeDataTrust is a rapidly growing company that provides data base management and essential operational services for firms or organizations in the privacy and security industry. As a third party administrator and service provider often partnering with law enforcement officials for training, recovery, and product design, our expertise and proprietary technology provides our customers the best of class solutions

Our Guaranteed Identity Protection Packages are proven to be 100% effective. There is no better way to protect yourself, your family, or your business. We invite you to read more on our website about our very unique service and tell your friends! As an independent service provider, it is our strong ongoing commitment to support our partner companies with well known brands such as SDT, SureID, Entrust America, Opt Out Detectives, U.S. Privacy and many membership and employee groups. Thank you for your ongoing confidence in our company. --

Meeting an unmet need...

You can't pick up a newspaper, watch television or listen to the news without hearing about a life turned upside down by an identity thief. Headlines and sound bites abound with news of XYZ, corporation's database of employees and customers being hacked or breached by an identity thief. Problems that plague our nation such as the size and scope of identity theft bring opportunistic marketers out of the woodwork. Billions of direct-to-consumer advertising dollars flood every mass medium known to man. Consumers are confused throughout America and still don't know who they should buy from, how much they should pay and what type of ID Protection to purchase. Corporations think the answer is to throw money at IT departments in an effort to seal out cyber thieves.

Our commitment to doing it right... 

The investigators and research team at SafeDataTrust reviewed virtually every company in North America that advertises ID protection. Our due dilligence into the terms, conditions, exclusions and fine print of each member agreement revealed that many firms provide little real value. We believe the American consumer deserves a straight forward honest service that really works.

Working with law enforcement... 

Our firm was founded in partnership with law enforcement professionals who were frustrated with the deceptive sales practices and clever marketing tactics of opportunistic marketers. The FTC and Sate Attorney Generals concur as evidenced by legal actions against many well known ID protection companies for deceptive advertising. Unfortunately millions of American have been lulled into a false sense of security by subscribing to services that do little more than monitor credit reports. The identity threat epidemic is real and growing as the density of data continues to increase and crime rings and hackers become more capable . The FTC states ID Theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA for the tenth consecutive year. The Department of Justice sites it is the least prosecuted crime due to the lack of resources and education at the local police department level.