Have you noticed...

Several well known companies cover the media with advertising their “identity theft prevention and monitoring service…. Yet identity theft and data breach incidents are in the news most every week and continue to increase! There is a more effective way to protect your identity. Our proprietary system was designed in partnership with law enforcement officials to protect your entire family.

Our Service is Different.

Our unique and effective service was designed in partnership with law enforcement using with the same system taught across the country to police officers. We have learned that the key is to have a real Recovery System in place in case of Identity theft, AND… most importantly.. to have a service that actually removes your name and personal information from the places where the criminals are looking.

Our proprietary system is NOT a credit monitoring program...

like other identity theft companies that saturate the media. With those types of programs, by the time you get a notification your credit has been tampered with, it is already too late! Credit monitoring and fraud alerts are not effective prevention for identity theft.

SafeDataTrust is an independent service provider for identity theft protection firms, benefit providers, membership associations and employee groups. In addition to serving as a Third Party Administrator, SafeDataTrust provides state of the art database management, plan design, and consulting. Our proprietary systems guide the consumer in powerful effective methods to remove personal information from the eyes of hackers and cyber criminals. In the event of an identity theft, our Guaranteed Rapid Recovery Program can restore an identity fast by utilizing our advocate network that consist of Attorneys, ParaLegals, Private Detectives, and Law Enforcement. The heart of our service is the powerful Identity Redaction System, developed by law enforcement professionals. We make this service available in a comprehensive online e-book and manual. Many celebrities, professional athletes, and high profile individuals utilize this personal service to protect their identity, family, and sensitive personal data. Now it is available as a professional, effective consumer benefit. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that they and their families are receiving the highest level of protection.

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